My name is Martha, and I’m a sophomore currently living in the house. 


I can so vividly remember being in your shoes this time last year. Partially because rush is emotionally-charged for everyone, but also because when I was sitting in my chair on pref night, I was bawling. Weirdly enough, the reason that I was crying in such an embarrassingly public setting was because I felt such a strong connection to Chi O. How cheesy is that - I literally cried because I knew I wanted to be here so much, but there was just some gut feeling that this was where I belonged. 


If you had asked me at the time why I had so much certainty, I probably couldn’t have given you a complete answer. A lot of my attraction to Chi O was rooted in the girls I looked up to in this sorority (practically everyone). I remember talking with any sophomore, junior, or senior and feeling equal parts of “wow, I really want to be like her when I grow up” and “wow, I really want to be her best friend.” I have since found that such a valuable part of being in Chi O is that the relationships you make extend far beyond the pledge class you’re in. There is a mutual respect and genuine connection understood by all members of this chapter.  



Why Go Chi O?

Letter from a Member

Today, I know 150 different reasons why I knew I wanted to go Chi O. The people in this chapter are some of the most genuine, funny, and radiant people I’ve ever met. We are such a medley of personalities and a mashup of interests, which is a combination that keeps me unbelievably grateful to be a part of it every single day.


There is something about being in Chi Omega that is just special. I hope this is something you can feel and will come and experience with us too. I promise you won’t regret it. 



Martha Pope, Class of 2022

Tabb, 2021

Why Go Chi O >

Chi O is like my home away from home. My sisters are family.

Bex, 2020

Why Go Chi O >

Chi O has refined me as an individual, constantly challenging me to become my best self.

Lauren, 2022

Why Go Chi O >

Chi O creates an environment for us to genuinely be ourselves. All of us are unique and choose to stand out in our own way. Chi O promotes individuality and encourages me to be myself!