Fondly nicknamed "Big Yellow", our home houses over 50 girls and is visited daily by our other members. Our modern-styled house is spacious and clean and always welcome to visitors and guests. Our front porch full of swings and chairs is a hotspot for homework and lunch dates. The manicured front lawn is always a spot for picnics and pets.

Our first and main floor warmly welcomes you in and includes two sitting rooms, a formal living room,  informal living room, offices, and a cozy space for our house mother, Teresa Schlotterer. In the back, we have the kitchen, which is always stocked with snacks, and delicious and healthy food made by our chefs, Kip and Laurie. 


Down below is our basement where we have our board room, chapter room, and study area where we have over 30 personal desks for our members to have a quiet area to study. On the second floor, we have over 20 rooms that house over 50 girls in single rooms, doubles, triples, and quadruples. We are proud to say that we can house an entire pledge class within our house and that year after year,  we are able to bond and strengthen our sisterhood.