Message from Our Recruitment Chairs




Congratulations on your acceptance to the best school in the country! From basketball to walking through the pit, everything about UNC is full of energy, which is exciting but can also be daunting. You may be wondering, how can I make this new place my home? We found our answer in Chi O!

During rush, walking into Chi O felt comfortable. Everyone was different and had unique perspectives and personalities, making us feel like we weren’t out of place at all. Chi O is filled with girls from across the globe, and although we are diverse, we are all united through our love for UNC and our genuine love for each other. 

While coming into school as strangers, we both made the decision to join Chi Omega. This decision has shaped our college years for the better, providing us with immediate, lasting friendships and countless experiences of laughter and support. The women in Chi O have been with us through our bests and our worsts, and we know will continue to do so after graduation.

We can’t imagine a better group of people to have shared our college experience with. Again, congratulations on your acceptance and welcome to some of the best years of your life! We hope you find your home away from home, and we especially hope that you find it at Chi O.


Katharine DeGolian, Recruitment Chair

Alison McKinney, Recruitment Assistant



For Recruitment Recommendations, send information to:
Katharine DeGolian
℅ Erika Glander 
200 Carraway Xing, STE 2317

Chapel Hill, NC 27516