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We are so excited you have decided to come to UNC! While there is so much that UNC has to offer, starting at a new school can be both exciting and daunting. We've found that Chi Omega has helped all of us make connections and broaden our experience at UNC. From classes, to clubs, to sports, there is always someone to help you navigate your interests.

Message from Our Recruitment Chair

Stepping into the Chi O house during recruitment, I felt an overwhelming amount of love and joy. Three years later, this feeling has not gone away. I knew I could walk into the Chi O house on my best day, or on my very worst, and be undoubtedly supported just the same. The women in Chi O are each so unique and authentic, and somehow these diverse personalities all fit together to create our awesome chapter.

Despite being an out-of-state student, and one who was very unfamiliar with the recruitment process, Chi O welcomed me with open arms. Being a part of Chi O has encouraged me out of my comfort zone and has led to some of the most treasured friendships that I know will continue after college and through life. Chi O was truly a breath of fresh air in such a big and new place, and it made UNC feel like home. 


So, congratulations on your acceptance to UNC, and welcome to the start of some of the best years of your life! We can’t wait to share with you all Chi O has to offer.


Please feel free to contact us at with any questions about our chapter and the recruitment process!



Catie Wood, Recruitment Chair
Maddison Wooten
, Recruitment Assistant

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