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Meet Our Chapter President!



I am honored and thrilled to officially start my role as President of Chi Omega’s Epsilon Beta Chapter at UNC-Chapel Hill this semester and to work alongside the devoted executive team that has been elected. I am especially excited that this is Chi Omega’s 100th year at UNC-Chapel Hill, and I am ecstatic about the centennial celebrations we are planning. 


The women in this chapter continue to impress me every day, and I am so excited to advocate for them and demonstrate our values of integrity, friendship, academic excellence, and service.  


I am passionate about our philanthropy organization, Make-A-Wish America, and look forward to expanding our involvement with them through engaging events this coming year. 


This past summer, our chapter was bestowed the Chapter of Excellence Award thanks to the passion of the women in our chapter, and the leadership of the past executive team. I look forward to continuing this momentum and continuing to make Chi O an organization women are proud to be a part of. 


Thank you to my predecessors, Riley Watkins and Maddison Wooten, for their continued guidance and support throughout this journey- they’re truly the best role models I could have asked for.

Jackie Granger

President of Chi Omega Epsilon Beta

Class of 2025


Get to Know Another Member...




My name is Riley Watkins and I am a junior from Raleigh, North Carolina. Coming to Chapel Hill in 2020, in the midst of a pandemic and cancer treatment, I was set on finding a sorority that provided companionship in an isolated time, and supported me in my valleys and at my peaks. I wanted a sorority that challenged me everyday to be a better person and that would surround me with love; enter Chi Omega.

It was probably the easiest and best decision of my life. Each and every round of recruitment I found myself having conversations with vivacious and compassionate women, and feeling so welcomed. I would always leave a conversation wanting to be friends with the girl I had just spoken with. This wasn’t just the case for recruitment, I am genuinely the biggest fan of every single person in our chapter. They’ve lifted me up and helped me find strength and comfort in some very difficult places, and celebrated me as I have overcome these battles. 


It is because of their unwavering support and unconditional friendship that I wanted to not only be a member, but a leader within the sorority. It has been such an honor to get to give my energy to the place and people who have given their all to me. I am beyond excited to see what this year holds for us!

With love,

Riley Watkins

2022 President of Chi Omega Epsilon Beta

Class of 2024

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