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My name is Maddison Wooten, and I am a Junior from Raleigh, North Carolina. From the moment I arrived freshman year, I was determined to make UNC my home. I began recruitment with an open mind, knowing that what I wanted out of my sorority was a great group of friends, a place where I felt comfortable, and an organization that made me a better person; and that is exactly what I found in Chi Omega. 


My decision to go Chi Omega was one of the most difficult, yet simplest decisions I have had to make during my time at UNC. During recruitment at Chi Omega, I met one incredible woman after another -- women I wanted to be like, and women I wanted to share my college experience with. Their genuine, compassionate, motivated, confident, and vibrant personalities are unmatched. They made me feel comfortable, but not to the point where I’ve stayed stagnant in who I am. Not only has Chi Omega been the perfect fit, but it has challenged me to be my best self and helped me reach the potential I never thought possible. 


I am honored to lead such an inspirational organization, and I am lucky to call these women my sisters. Can’t wait to see what this year has in store for us! 




Maddison Wooten

President of Epsilon Beta Chi Omega 

Class of 2023

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My name is Martha Pope, and I’m a Senior! 


I can so vividly remember being in your shoes this time last year. Partially because rush is emotionally-charged for everyone, but also because when I was sitting in my chair on pref night, I was bawling. Weirdly enough, the reason that I was crying in such an embarrassingly public setting was because I felt such a strong connection to Chi O. How cheesy is that - I literally cried because I knew I wanted to be here so much, but there was just some gut feeling that this was where I belonged. 


If you had asked me at the time why I had so much certainty, I probably couldn’t have given you a complete answer. A lot of my attraction to Chi O was rooted in the girls I looked up to in this sorority (practically everyone). I remember talking with any sophomore, junior, or senior and feeling equal parts of “wow, I really want to be like her when I grow up” and “wow, I really want to be her best friend.” I have since found that such a valuable part of being in Chi O is that the relationships you make extend far beyond the pledge class you’re in. There is a mutual respect and genuine connection understood by all members of this chapter.  

Today, I know 150 different reasons why I knew I wanted to go Chi O. The people in this chapter are some of the most genuine, funny, and radiant people I’ve ever met. We are such a medley of personalities and a mashup of interests, which is a combination that keeps me unbelievably grateful to be a part of it every single day! 


Martha Pope 

Class of 2022